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  • I'm a late-middle-aged professor and clinician affiliated with one of the major universities in the triangle area of NC. I have 2 teen-aged kids and a wife who prefers to stay anonymous. I like to discuss my hobbies.

June 4, 2014


Stipula Suprema Bikini – titanium nib, vac-filler, 2011

As I wrote in my last post, I utterly failed to trade away or sell any of my fountain pens at the 2014 Triangle Pen Show in my hometown.  Instead I ended up acquiring 5 more pens. The main one[...]

June 2, 2014

2014-05-31 16.06.16

Report from the 2014 Raleigh Pen Show

What is a Pen Show? It’s a gathering of generally older folks interested in collecting, using, repairing/restoring, and discussing items related to pens and stationery.  The fountain pen is often central to these shows, though ballpoints, rollerballs, pencils, carrying cases,[...]

May 9, 2014

Hermes 3000

vintage Hermes 3000 TypeWriter

The Hermes 3000 is a Swiss typewriter from the 1960s with a renowned vault-like build. A newsweek article in the 1970s described how an Amazonian expedition accidently dropped their Hermes 3000 into the Orinoco river, but when it was recovered[...]

May 4, 2014

cap-off time

Testing Fountain Pen Dry-out Times in Usage

In thinking about what irritates me about fountain pens, one of the things that make me stop using a pen is if its nib/feed dries out and becomes a hard-starter during work.  Like most people, I uncap a pen, start[...]

April 23, 2014


My Favorite Tea

by pelahale
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I drink coffee in the mornings when I work to get the 120-150mg caffeine kick. I only began doing this recently – perhaps 5 years ago.  As I got older, it became more difficult to sleep well at night and[...]

April 11, 2014


Shosa Short Wallet 2.0

My Past Decade of Wallets To show you what I came from  over the past 10 years, I’ll begin by showing the wallets I carried, including the standard department store leather wallet I carried: This held lots of cards, had[...]

April 10, 2014


Addendum to my Youtube Video: Japanese Pocket Pens

I ran out of room on my youtube vid descriptor! Looks like poor planning on my part, or a bug on youtube’s.  In any case, here is the specifications on the various pocket pens shown: —————————————– Pilot Elite (vintage), Japan-made,[...]

April 4, 2014

Field Notes

Field Notes: Retail Performance Art

  I received my order from FieldNotes – shipped by Michele Seiler of Chicago, Coudal Partners: As usual, I paid entirely for this package and didn’t ask for anything special; i.e. didn’t tell them I had a blog or youtube[...]

March 17, 2014


Boyhood Pencil Games

  Listening to the pencilpodcast by Andy Welfle, Johnny Gamber, and Tim Wasem made me reminisce about my childhood years. I rarely use pencils anymore – the last time I used pencils heavily was when I was in graduate school[...]

March 12, 2014

Japanese Stationery

4 consecutive UnBoxings of Japanese Stationery

These are some of my unboxings over the past couple of months. On an unrelated note, my blog has been totally hijacked by hackers from Eastern Europe. Why they’re picking on me, I don’t know. Looking at some of the[...]

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August 20, 2014